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By UpperSpoon
I am having varying degrees of success with recipe submissions. Some of them are driving huge traffic numbers while others are either broken, taken weeks and they are yet to approve my recipes or just won't approve them, no matter how good they are.

These submissions are good for both traffic and for SEO purposes, especially if you're just starting out so getting some good ones is important.

Sites worthwhile currently in order of importance are:

https://foodgawker.com/: If you are not yet submitting to foodgawker, you are missing out. It is by far the best I have come across and they approve submission in no time.

https://www.yummly.com/: This one is a little tricky to submit too, there is no actual form on their site to do so, but you can get your recipes on there by signing up for an account, navigating to your website recipe and using this bookmarklet: https://www.yummly.com/bookmarklet

https://fridgg.com/ Another really good site that has a nice social element to it. Recipes are posted on here instantly and there are a lot, so make sure you post at good times (like 2pm Friday). you will get a lot of views but it will be over quickly too.

http://potluck.ohmyveggies.com/ it takes time to get approvals on here but its worth it

http://www.findingvegan.com/ This is a great site for vegan dishes, and they have a community too. However, don't hold your breath waiting for approval, it takes a long time, but in the end it is still worth just putting it up there and forgetting about it.

Sites The Jury Is Still Out On:

https://food52.com I am not sure about posting my entire recipe to a site, it gives people no reason to visit my site, so I am yet to submit here. However, so you don't spend 2 hours like I did working out how to submit your recipes to this site here is the link for you :) https://food52.com/recipes/new

http://www.tastespotting.com/ I have a few submissions from 3 weeks ago still waiting for approval. feels like they will never get approved, so I stopped submitting for now.

https://yumgoggle.com I have no evidence to indicate that they have published or even pinned one of my recipes, so have stopped submitting here also.

http://tasteologie.notcot.org/ I can't seem to find any proof my recipes submissions are actually going anywhere.

Sites that suck
https://www.dishfolio.com/ - Though I would like to get onto this site, I can't seem to get approved, I have NO idea why.

http://tasteologie.notcot.org/ If you're like me you're wondering if your posts are even going through on this site. Well, I am almost certain they are not, so don't waste your time. Their twitter feed has nothing since mid-2016.

http://tastykitchen.com/ I never received the sign-up confirmation email. So am unable to even get into this site.

Anyway, I hope that helps someone!

If you have any sites that you think should be on this list please let me know by replying.
Also if your experience has been different with any of the above, please tell us aout that too.

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