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By UpperSpoon
I came across this the other day and found it quite interesting. I think that with the right amount of control in the number of people you follow and unfollow on all the social media platforms it could be a great way to grow your following.

Unfortunately I have a mac, otherwise I would have tried it already. I guess Ill stick to manually following my competitor's followers every day.


Anyone else used it?
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By BeansAndRice
I have not used this one, but I have used automated follow/unfollow services for Instagram and Twitter and yes they do take a lot of the legwork out of building a social following so you can focus on making quality content, but let me warn you to take it VERY slowly. especially if you don't have many followers as yet.

If you set this app (or any app) up to follow and unfollow 3-5 people 2-3 times a day, you will be fine, anything over that, especially with a new account and your asking for trouble.

Though this may not seem like a lot of action to make social automation worth it, here is a quick example of what it gives you in the first year, from one initial setup that takes 5 minutes (keeping in mind you need to have good social content to get a follow back rate of 40% and targeting close competitor followers).

- 4 follows, 3 times a day is 12 follows. Just on Twitter and Instagram, that's 24 follows a day.
With a follow back rate of 40% that's:
  • 10 new followers a day.
  • 70 new followers a week
  • 300 new followers a month
  • 3650 new followers a year
So yeah, there is a place and time for Social automation, just need to know how to use it and don't get greedy.
By Bator20
I truly liked this post. I agree on the point that there is a place and time for Social automation so one should keep some important things in mind. Even I have to hire the expert facebook ad management team that can help me bring traffic at good conversion rate. Hopefully would be finding the best team soon.

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